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He talks about moving to a remote new home that has been found for him, and about his plans to get a wolf the following week. He says he'll train it by walking the property's perimeter over and over. He had a wolf once before, when he was married. She was called Jessie. She ran away while he was in prison. I travel around Colorado, crisscrossing the Rockies, visiting his friends.

On the warm afternoon of July Fourth, in a trailer park in Orchard Mesa, on the south side of Grand Junction, an extended family are celebrating, among them Daren Paredes, his mother, Esther, and her brother Tony, all close friends of Gary's. He says Gary liked to come over to his house and watch shows like Survivorman. Tony gave him his pig sticker, the knife he was found with in Pakistan.

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It cost me like eight bucks. He liked it and I was, 'You know what—go get bin Laden. You guys don't know him. It was Jen he was staying with when he was diagnosed with kidney disease. Both of them have had Gary living with them while he worked on their houses. It takes me a while to realize this, but for most of the last fifteen years before his diagnosis, Faulkner was technically homeless, living on the site of whatever job he was doing. Both would ferry him down the mountain to Denver early in the morning for dialysis. But he was totally prepared for death.

So far, three of Faulkner's eleven attempts—attempts numbers 6, 7, and 8—have not been mentioned.

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None of these involved a successful visit to Pakistan. Attempt number 8 faltered in the place that sometimes seems a rapacious machine invented purely to suck down well-intentioned plans: Las Vegas. Each time he wanted to fly to Pakistan, Faulkner had to first visit Los Angeles to apply for a visa. In January , he decided to do the trip by road, accompanied by his friend Tony Montana and a man they knew as Pickles. They left on Friday, just after they'd been paid. On the way, they decided to stop off in Las Vegas. That was that. No visa. Convinced that he would get in anyhow, he still made his scheduled flight to Pakistan.

Attempts numbers 6 and 7 were failures of a different kind. Faulkner's vision that his feet wouldn't touch the ground led him to the certainty that on his next expedition to Pakistan, he should approach bin Laden in a new way—by hang glider. He also decided that the perfect and proper place to try out such a hang glider would be Israel: "I've got to test it somewhere, so in my mind: Well, if I go to Israelt—he Dead Sea! Hit the water, you float! In Israel in September , he put it back together and prepared to launch himself off a cliff by the Dead Sea.

He had never flown a hang glider in his life. This ride was short.

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Three seconds later, he had several broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. A sensible man might have decided to put hang gliding behind him. Faulkner asked a local hostel to store his flying machine until he could return. He was back the following August. This time, he decided, he should take off much closer to the water.

There was maybe twenty feet between him and the water when he launched himself. Not on your life. I was dragged and smashed and beat down by the rocks. I ripped up my shins this time. As far as Faulkner is concerned, analyzing the tactical sense or practicality of his plans is, when it comes down to it, beside the point. He is on a mission from God. He follows his heart, not his mind: "If you have the heart to go out and do something, you go do it.