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I'm Erika.

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Welcome to the 1 destination for women creatives and business owners looking to expand their reach online using YouTube. This episode of Beauty and the Vlog podcast features RachhLoves who explaines how she left her full time job for a YouTube career. On her channel, she chats about makeup, fashion and lifestyle. Join our Private Facebook Group if you are an influencer, aspiring influencer or what to learn more about the influencer community! Support, friends, collaborations and more!

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The one I love is called crush me orange. When you swatch it, it looks super orange but when you apply it, it turns this pinky cool coral. That transition period was terrifying. Probably close to k I think. At first it was really scary. Having that fear really drove me to make it work. I wanted to make this work and make it a viable option for me and my family. I had to live at home for a bit.

I had to be on a strict budget, I was planning my wedding at the time; I was very tight that way. I had a schedule I had to set. It was about spending a lot of that time researching and using the YouTube space.

How to leave your job for a YouTube Career with RachhLoves

Talking to my audience and finding out what they wanted to see and how I can make my content even better. The hardest part for me was going from that stable income that was coming in and setting aside for a future mortgage and wedding and our family and suddenly not having that, that was the scariest part. Making that transition was pretty scary. How did your channel change when you left your job for a YouTube career full time?

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I was scared to talk about it. But our responsibility is also to reduce the complexities of Bible study to such simplicities that our many listeners, ranging from busy young professional people to aging men and women of failing health to youngsters facing a variety of new temptations, can take away a saving word.

Carver McGriff provides the tools preachers need for their daunting task with some of the most timely and thought-provoking research on the lectionary texts ever made available.

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Included for each scriptural lesson in the lectionary are: - A listing of the applicable Revised Common, Roman Catholic, and Episcopal lectionary texts. Carver looks at the texts with a freshness that is sure to stimulate the thought process Careful use of these suggestions will bring serendipities to preacher and congregation. Following a career as a salesman and business owner, McGriff entered Garrett Theological Seminary, where he was voted Best Preacher by the faculty and graduated with distinction.

During his year ministry at St. Luke's Methodist Church in Indianapolis, McGriff spearheaded his congregation's remarkable growth in membership from to 4,, with average Sunday attendance increasing from to over 1, First Sunday In Advent. Second Sunday In Advent. Third Sunday In Advent. Fourth Sunday In Advent. The Christmas Season. The Nativity Of Our Lord. Sixth Sunday Of Easter. It is the presence of the Breath upon your land. All things come into agreement in Me, thus the rhythm says that all is well, that the dynamics of creation are occurring.

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In what way does this paragraph define the rhythm of being? As you learn to live with the creative power you must use it. All light must be extended outward and benefit planet Earth. You have no power lest it be given forth to embrace the earth and all creation.

This is what Jesus called "the light of the world. It is important. You do not swallow the light, you reveal it. Let the consciousness be forthcoming. If you are a responsible citizen of the Universe, you will be aware that wherever you are, you are on duty for the light. You cannot even rest for a moment. You are the light!

What understanding and instruction does this section provide on the creative power? What is the "cloth of creative power? In section you are given a blueprint for action.