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Contact us to discuss how to proceed. See also Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms which contains additional material. How to contact WikiLeaks? What is Tor? Tips for Sources After Submitting. The Regiment fielded three stan— dards for the Major General and a new format was used for the parade, although the ground was unfortunately too hard for a canter in review order. The second rehearsal provided an opportunity for sympathy towards The Blues and Royals, who demonstrated a new formation in front of the Duke of Edinburgh.

For the latter, the standard was. The Squadron. With state occasions out of the way, the Squadron was able to concentrate on matters equine, and troops were sent to.

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The heat of summer was a considerable challenge, but the Squadron survived even the Garter Service without fall out, and opportunities were taken for activities such as rollerblading and boules in Hyde Park Tpr Stay showing consider— able aptitude for the latter , before retir— ing for summer leave. There was then a total change of gear, as the Regiment moved to Thetford for Summer Catnp. Emma, the oldest horse in the Squadron, and on her last parade before being cast to the Household Division stables, took the opportunity to demon— strate that there was still life in her, and left LCpl Wass on the ground outside Buckingham Palace, as the Escort departed up the Mall.

Naval History and Heritage Command

Reports ofa broken pelvis, back and legs turned out to be somewhat exaggerated, and he returned to the Squadron on the following day, assisted by a crutch. And thus the ceremonial season ended. Junior Ranks competition on Opera. Also, now that the hunting season has arrived, Lieutenat J R D Barnard is taking small parties to various hunts. The Squadron is therefore participating in a wide range of equestrian activities, and we look forward to another busy year ahead.

Censored by Earth Command Series by Atk. Butterfly

Roll on This year, contrary to all precedent, the Regi— ment did not end up being banned from. The visit ofthe Colonel of The Life Guards included the interesting spectacle of a trainee drumhorse galloping through the lines, having thrown its rider. Many soldiers had a chance to go out with the Curre Hunt as well. Guard on Christmas Day and, as is tra— dition, both men and horses paraded in seasonal costume.

At the conclusion of leave 6 members of the Squadron began the B1 Mounted Duty Course at Wind— sor in a quest for knowledge and more money. In the second week ofFebruary The Blues and Royals Band started their build—up programme with a khaki ride and all members of the mounted Squadron were banned from the riding school balcony, as the Riding Master put them through their paces.

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The Memorial is newly refurbished and gilded with a generous grant from the Regimental Association. As preparations for the ceremonial season gathered pace Captain] P Barclay characteristically departed to Pakistan for a polo tour! There were no applications to transfer following this out— ing.

State Kit looked a lot easier to clean than a gun and all the harness and traces. In another break from recent practice, the Regiment carried three Standards and the Musical Ride. Detachments of the Squadrons rode as formed bodies with lances. At the end of July four greys and a small detachment, including CoH Dear, moved to last years stomping ground in Edinburgh to take part in the Tattoo. While they were there the Squadron moved to Bodney for the annual camp on 21 August.

The weather was so warm that the horses were burning their chins on the metal tops of the stable doors. The Regiment began to work summer hours: exercising the horses early enough to avoid the worst heat. The Colonel of the Regiment visited the Squadron in the first week and watched from a Coach Troop Vehicle as the Troops gave demonstrations of tent—pegging, show jumping and cross country schooling. The same was true of the Inter—Troop competition, run over the whole Summer Camp competitions, only the order was 3,1,2 and then The Life Guards. Captains Goodman and Barclay both leave for civilian life.

All came back better for the change of scene and the challenges of canoeing, mountain biking, caving, toperoping and abseiling. We also found the standard party for the State Visit ofthe Emir of Kuwait. This pair should do well at intermediate level. The year ended with the Opening of Parliament and before the horses were let down for the winter 54 members of the Squadron went for a long ride to Richmond Park, a distance of 28 miles was covered on the roads and approximately 10 miles round the Park.

On the route back the Squadron called into Fullers Brewery for refreshments which was much appreciated by all. There has also been a large turnover in the key jobs within the. Squadron, few departments have not felt the changes that are required for our soldiers to be more versatile to move between the Armoured Regiment and the Mounted Regiment.

Part II - Places

Our saving grace for the Sabre Squadrons is the expertise of those on long term posting 5 to London ie the Farriers, Saddlers, Tailors and Riding Staff which form the main strength in the divisions when the Regiment is performing its ceremonial. The Major General's Parade took a new form this year where both the Squadron Leader and the Squadron Corporal Major rode as standard cover during the ParadeThe squadron had to pick up the short fall of one division less one man for the State Visit in May.

Summer Camp was a much appreciated. It was said later by an old Blue that because the Quartermaster was riding a Foot Guard horse and might show the Squadron Leader up by win— ning the competition, the Squadron Leader shouted HALT as the horse was approaching a fence; being a good Foot Guard horse it obeyed the command and deposited the Quartermaster on the fence.

Squadron Corporal Major Burns returned to London to become the. His vast experience of the work— ings of London has been put into practice throughout the year, enabling him to ensure that all supply and demand is met. On the com— petition side the Riding Staff had a very successful year with some good wins and placings in Showjumping and.

This pair will represent the Regiment at intermediate level in and will be worth watching. With a win in The Junior. On the eventing front some notable wins were.