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Mar-Apr Model 'C'.

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May-Jun The Froelich. Jul-Aug Model 'H'. Sep-Oct Nov-Dec Early Model 'A' Model 'BI'. Model ''. Styled Model 'D'. Model 'D' Crawler. Model 'M' Series. Late Styled Model 'A' and 'B'. Model 'GP' Wide Tread. Model 'GM'. Model 'DI'. Unstyled Model 'AR'. Model "BO'.


Unstyled Model 'G'. Styled Model 'L'. Model '50'. Expo II Exhibitor Photos. Model '80'. Styled Model 'AR'. Unstyled Model 'B' - Part I. Tractor Identification - Part I. Tractor Identification - Part II. Styled Model 'G'. Expo III. Model '70'. Spoke-Flywheel Model 'D'. The Lindeman Story.

Model '40'. Grand Opening Issue. Unstyled Model 'AO'.

Sept/Oct 2008 **PRINT**

Model 'LA'. Type 'W' Stationary Engines. Expo IV. Waterloo Boy Tractors. Model 'A' general Purpose Expo V.

Model 'BR'. Model 'B' general Purpose Two Cylinder VI. Styled Model 'AO' Tractor Production Figures. Model 'LI'. Model 'D' Two-Cylinder VII. Getting Your House in Order. Deere and Company Documents Late-Styled Model 'B'. Late Styled Model 'A'. But the current year Sep-Oct period has been an exception, and so was the year which witnessed drought in the country.

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And the second time is now when the share Sensex has fallen from a high of Those peddling this line say that the uptrend noticed during these two periods was mainly on account of the extraordinary corporate performance and massive foreign capital inflows. If the theory is to be proved right- it will require infusion of funds by the regulator, say market participants.

Once enough liquidity comes in the system, we expect an improvement. They said their findings help explain why stock analysts sometimes see ominous trends in perfectly innocuous data. And when it comes to the think-tanks on Dalal Street, superstition and analogies take a completely new level.

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Whether this empirical trend would hold true this time around also remains to be seen. But one thing we all can vouch for with Whitson and Galinsky is that lacking control leads to a visceral need for order- even imaginary order! Follow us on.

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