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Gandy Dancing: Part I From the Quatrain Some Die Mad

Every question I ask is about you, Every step I take is toward you. I slept well last night but I woke up drunk. I must have dreamt about you. But why should I care? I can conquer the world with a blink, I can heal a broken heart with a smile. O heart, Make your wish— The gifts are ready, the King is waiting with open arms. The light of His Face is shining upon you. Where are the favors? Where are the wise men?

Where are the open doors? Where is the Revealer of Secrets? Enough talk from me. No, I am wrong— One who gains life through Him can never die. If His reflection can do this Imagine what the light of His Face can do! It is the brightness of every thought, The light animating every soul, The source of life from the Sun to the fourth heaven. But one can only know the taste of salt by sprinkling it on his food. What a wonder! The Beloved is in love with the lover.

What a miracle! From black soot grows a paradise. You have two hands, two legs, and two eyes, But if your heart and the Beloved are also two, what good is that? You call out, I am the lover, But these are mere words. Every day my body grows weaker and soon it will return to the earth.

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I smell the fragrance of my Beloved and my heart is lost. I see a ray of light from His face and my soul is enraptured.

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Why are the earth and all its creatures bubbling up in delight? One who is frozen and withered is lost in his own affairs. The Spring reveals all the secrets of the earth. My Spring reveals all the secrets of the soul. The roses of the earth only hide the thorns and brambles. When my roses bloom they remove every thorn from the heart. What is the cold wind of winter? What is the warm breeze of Spring? His cup, long out of reach, now spills over, filling my senses, desolating my soul. The saaqi has become my dearest friend. With each new round she pours, my blood turns to nectar, my heart to a holy shrine.

Now I see only Him!

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Now I hear His voice alone: Let my love fill your golden cup like sunbeams showering the earth. Let it flow to every corner of your soul, Let it tear up the gnarled roots of regret and nourish the tender seeds of hope. When my heart saw the ocean of His love it jumped in and yelled, Find me if you can!

O, where can I look for my missing heart? Where, but the face of Shams-e Tabriz? He is the Sun In whose track Every heart must follow.

His Name brought the angel of words into the house of my mind. In every verse a thousand maidens give birth, yet like Mary, each remains a virgin. See that caravan of camels loaded up with sugar? That awesome Beauty gives us everything. Whose fault is it if we go away empty-handed? His love is sugar enough even when it gives no sugar. His beauty is promise enough even when it causes you to break your promise.

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Show me a house where His light does not shine. Show me a garden where His grace does not bloom. God was jealous of His own Face and so He created the splendor of morning. The eye and the lamp are different lights but when they come together no one can tell them apart. What is true? What is false? The only truth I know in this world is my master, Shams-e Tabriz: The light of his Sun has never shone upon anything passing without making it eternal.

All night I danced round the house of my Beloved. In the morning he came out and offered me some wine.

O weary heart, the cure has finally come. Draw in a sweet breath for the eternal moment has finally come. If the Friend is truly your friend Why not stay with Him? If the rebec does not wail, Why not teach it how to sing? If someone bars you from the truth, Why not fight him and his brother as well? You are the Sun of the world— Why is your heart so black? Why do you fall back on your drab and stagnant ways? The treasure of Unity is found by those who look within. Why not join your spirit to the one who sits inside your heart? Did Majnun ever love two Laylas?