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Living with learning disabilities Rea, Amy C. The annotated memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant Grant, Ulysses S. Batter off dead Bell, Maymee. The Thai family table Poole, Hilary W. Bring me a maverick for christmas! A daddy by christmas: The firefighter's christmas reunion Jeffries, Christy. Game of scones Ashford, Mary Lee.

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The season to sin: The den of forever frost: The three secret cities Reilly, Matthew. Holiday amnesia Eason, Lynette.

Here are the feature and TV films airing the week of Sunday, Aug. 18, - Los Angeles Times

A Novel Keneally, Thomas. The plagiarist in the kitchen Meades, Jonathan. Brutally honest Brown, Melanie. The Making of a Genius Glover, Jane. Witness on the run Cliff, Susan. Wyoming christmas ransom Helm, Nicole. Perilous christmas reunion Eakes, Laurie Alice. Same time, next christmas Rimmer, Christine.

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However, as we learn in The Shining sequel, Doctor S. That means it is time. This post contains spoilers for Last Christmas. Shia LaBeouf has been very upfront about the fact that Honey Boy is all about him working out his daddy issues. When Shia LaBeouf won the Hollywood Film Award for breakthrough screenwriter for Honey Boy last weekend he had some unusual thank yous: the police officer. Where as the original list started as a challenge a few years back I'm hoping this will act as an easy to refer to resource for anyone who might be interested.

Although not exhaustive I am hoping it gives some variety of choice for each state.

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Also a short listing for SF, Fantasy and 'Undead' mystery writers and series Be warned, I have not checked all the 'touchstones' so they will include errors as the automatic title links are often incorrect If anyone spots any mistakes please add a comment so I can make a correction. Running order: 1. Mexico 4. Asia - South and Southeast 9. Europe - North, Central and Caucasus plus Russia Middle East incl' Egypt Ireland Edited: Dec 5, , am. Cooper Devereaux W. Brannan - Red Moon Rising L. Watkins - Murder on Mt. Evelyn Talbot Novels Michael S.

Lauren Maxwell series R. Marshal Piedmont Kelly series Western mysteries - mainly set in Arizona? Jance - Joanna Brady series William W. Edited: Sep 13, , pm. Abramo - Jake Diamond P. Nick Bk 1 Mr. Crime Novel Rebecca M. Marks - White Heat Bk 1 P. Noir L.

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Richard B. George - Aimee Machado Mystery series P. VanDyke - California Corwin P. Oliphant aka Sheri S. Orde aka Sheri S.

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Allen Norman Jr. Ayres - Lowell P.

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Hall - Thorn P. MacGregor - Quin St. James and Mike McCleary series L. Walker - ydney Brennan Mysteries Livia J. Thomas A Linnell Jr.