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Others have said it was a murdered pedlar of watches, targeted for robbery at the local inn. Either way, the remains were finally buried in Runton churchyard. Some have suggested the body was in fact connected with the 'ghostly light' that used to haunt near Runton corn mill, a windmill that still stands about metres away, at TG The light was known to cross the fields from the mill, and disappear into the earth in a copse at or near this spot.

Norfolk Mayhem and Murder by Maurice Morson (Paperback, 2008)

East Somerton:. The witch tree. The roofless nave and tower of St. Mary's church date back to the 15th century, and now stand ruined and clothed in ivy TG Incongruously, in the middle of the nave grows a large oak tree, which some call the Witch's Finger. But tales have come into being that say an evil witch was once buried on the spot, and the church built on top of her to seal away her wickedness. As an added twist she had a wooden leg, which has sprouted and grown into the oak tree, its influence hastening the building's ruin. Ghostly monks and whispering voices have also been experienced here.

Some have said that the witch and other troubled souls may be seen if you visit the church at midnight on Halloween; others, that the spirit of the witch herself will be released if you walk round the tree three times. East Wretham:. Devil's mere. Langmere TL is a single small lake, one of many such meres throughout Breckland, but when the water level falls, the little island in it becomes connected to the shore by a narrow isthmus.

It used to be said that any shepherd or cattleman who drove his animals onto the island would suffer misfortune or ill. The water was believed to be the domain of the Devil, and none would ever dare to hunt fowl or fish there. Secret tunnel. Locals tell of a smuggler's tunnel from here, running for several miles north to the coast at Cley.

It used to be said that if you placed your ear against the ground here, you could hear the singing of the smugglers 1 or, presumably, their ghosts. About m further along, beside Hunworth Road, are the various buildings that make up Mount Farm.

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During the 's, the cellar of one of the houses here was flooded and part of a wall collapsed, revealing a stone-lined tunnel which was soon after bricked-up for safety. This has been loosely connected to old tales of a monastery once having existed here. In the middle of the farm stands the octagonal late-Saxon tower of the former parish church TG , which became dilapidated and was rebuilt using some of the old masonry on its present site, half a mile away.

In the field next to the tower, a tractor supposedly fell through the earth into a bell-shaped 'storage chamber' where the monks stored their crops. The Mount.

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In local folklore this mound was a beacon site, for setting a signal fire to alert the country when danger was near 1 see for example the Armada Beacon , at Theberton - however, there was actually a post-mill on the spot, which went out of use in Bodger's Gap. In , to mark years since the original Norman census, the BBC launched the Domesday Project, in which over a million people mostly schoolchildren submitted information on history, life and lore in their local community.

In addition to the tunnel story above, the kids of Edgefield recorded that, in the area of the village known as The Green actually Cross Green , there is a hole in a particular hedgerow known as Bodger's Gap. According to their tale, in a young man named Mr. Bodger killed his father with an axe, then also slew a Mr.

Ford who tried to stop him. Bodger fled through the gap in the hedge, and because of all the blood that was spilt, nothing has ever been able to grow at that spot ever since. Legend aside, the circumstances behind the story are substantially true, but have obviously become garbled in memory. At about 2am on June 30th not , blacksmith and off-duty parish constable Walter Ford saw, in his next-door neighbour's back garden, a young man whom he knew to be William Jacobs, who lived in Ramsgate Street with his elderly father. Jacobs was a labourer, who had recently 'got religion' and become almost manic in his efforts to recruit others.

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Making big bucks without values smells. Having high values go unrewarded ultimately destroys beliefs. She keeps them together. Mar , , X, Maurice Morson has reconstructed, in painstaking detail, several of the most shocking and intriguing episodes from Norfolk's criminal history for this gripping study. He recalls the extraordinary case of Richard Nockolds, the violent weaver who revelled in assault, arson and machine-wrecking; the two cut-throats who were hanged for killing Hannah Mansfield; Herbert Bennett, found guilty of strangling his wife with a bootlace; Rosa Kowen who may - or may not - have battered her husband to death; John Stratford who murdered the wrong man; Samuel Yarham, the prosecution witness and real murderer; William Jacobs and Thomas Allen, both convicted of killing policemen; and, perhaps the most infamous case of all, the Burnham Westgate multiple murders.

Each case is closely reviewed, and the evidence is questioned. He gives a vivid insight into the local background, the personalities of the individuals involved, their relationships, the means by which the crimes were committed, and the workings of the police force and the justice system which often seems, to our modern eyes, clumsy and mistaken. This engrossing new book confirms Maurice Morson's reputation as the leading chronicler of crime in the county. Selected Letters, P. Walsh , , , His letters to friends and family are an astonishingly detailed record of daily life and politics in Rome.

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