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At a young age, we live our life with such naivety that it almost becomes beautiful.

Road Acceptance Process

When I was 14, life seemed easier to me. The number of operations in my medical file appeared totally normal and my bag was just an integral part of my body.

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Over the years, I lost my self-confidence little by little. I began to look at myself in the mirror hanging on my wall and to hide myself more and more under a ton of clothes. Slowly, I stopped loving my scarred body.

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  7. I wondered if I should be ashamed of having stopped loving myself. Concerns, doubts, fears and desperation are the enemies of our own acceptance. That leads me to ask you if you really love yourself.

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    Look in the mirror and never forget that your scars make you unique. In an article from the British Journal of Photography the pros and cons of the mobile photography platform of Instagram, are weighed in on by different photographers. Instagram can be a great tool for photojournalists to interact with a large audience, which is eloquently touched upon by John Stanmeyer of VII Photo.

    However, the new terms of agreement that were proposed have led to concern for some photographers. Ed Kashi speaks out on the issue in this article and highlights the potential roadblocks with the proposed Instagram terms. We must adapt and make tough decisions as we move forward.

    It is crucial not only for photographers to be aware and conscious when working with this new form of photography, both as journalism and art, but also to acclimate themselves to our changing world.