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Contents Search. Network Analysis in French Sociology and Anthropology. Reference work entry First Online: 05 October How to cite. Synonyms France; French social science history; French sociological theory; Graph theory; Social networks; Structuralism. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

Sociologie de la famille

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Entretien avec Virginie Descoutures : Communication & sociologie de la famille

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Wasserman S, Faust K Social network analysis: methods and applications. In uncredentialed jobs second generation immigrants look like first generation immigrants, especially when they are employed in high class inequality or low collective bargaining workplaces.


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Le Groupe de Sociologie de la Famille - Persée

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J-Y Boulin et Laurent Lesnard. PUF - Le Lien social.

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Tags : publications Home. First and second generation immigrant at the German labor market: A relational inequality approach. Search this site:.

Life Event Histories and Entourage, a French Survey