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This sudden shift into a darker tone shocked many readers, although its seeds were apparent in previous Spirou albums and in other series by the same authors Soda , Berceuse assassine. While many considered the change in tone to be courageous and laudable, there was some concern that Spirou lost much of its point when presented as a "realistic" character.

The latter kept close to the spirit of Franquin 's graphical style, while bringing its own touch of manga -inspired modernism.

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Morvan and Munuera's Spirou is partly remarkable in that it uses background elements and secondary characters from the whole history of the title, and not just from Franquin's period. Spirou and Fantasio uncover the story of two children with telekinetic powers similarly to the manga Akira that are forced to construct an edo and meiji period theme park.

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This story tells Spirou's adolescence as a groom in a 5 star Tokyo hotel. Due to a significant decline in sales, Dupuis decided to cease Morvan and Munuera work in Spirou in January In January , it was announced in Spirou magazine that Morvan and Munuera would be succeeded by Fabien Vehlmann and Yoann , who had together created the first volume of Une aventure de Spirou et Fantasio par Their first album in the regular series was announced for October , [12] but was later pushed back to September 3, and is named Alerte aux zorkons.

In , Dupuis launched a second series of one-off volumes by various authors, under the name Une aventure de Spirou et Fantasio par It has subsequently been renamed "Le Spirou de The third, Le tombeau des Champignac , by Yann and Fabrice Tarrin , is a slightly modernized homage to Franquin's classic period. The fifth, Le groom vert-de-gris by Yann and Olivier Schwartz , is based on one of Yann's old scripts from the 80's originally intended to have been drawn by Chaland, while the editor rejected it.

Yann picked up the artist Schwartz, working in a similar style, to complete the story.

The story takes place among the resistance movement in the Nazi-occupied Belgium. Unlike traditional Spirou stories, but similar to other works by Yann, the story features rather much dark humour and political satire.

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It was released once again to some acclaim but also attracted controversy for its cavalier approach to sensitive issues. This list includes French titles, their English translation, and the first year of publication. One book, number 15, was translated into English , by Fantasy Flight Publishing in This edition is out of print.

Book 16 was partially translated but never published.

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Egmont has printed and released English translations of Spirou in in India through its Indian subsidiary Euro Books. So far, albums no and 14 have been translated. Cinebook has started publishing the series in October Who Will Stop Cyanide? Z is for Zorglub, The Clockmaker and the Comet, The popularity of the series has led to an adaptation of the characters into different media.

Two TV cartoon series has been produced, the first, Spirou , consisting of 52 episodes originally aired between and , and the second, Les Nouvelles Aventures de Spirou et Fantasio consisting of 39 episodes originally aired between and Two video games have also been produced, the first, Spirou , was released in by Infogrames , and the second, Spirou: The Robot Invasion , was released in by Ubisoft.

This was the fourth Belgian stamp showing a comic hero. The mural was based on a design by Yoann and created in by graffiti artist Urbana Nicolas Morreel. In september a mural was made in Middelkerke , based on a design by Hanco Kolk and created by Art Mural vzw. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact. I would highly recommend Norwegian customers to seek out the Danish or Swedish editions instead.

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April, as Robbedoes en Kwabbernoot De Marsupilami is woest. This Dutch-language edition has some new material, and will also be reissued as a hardcover book. Well, now he apparently has, although no name has yet been revealed. But this project may be back on, in a different form. Now InediSpirou states definitively that this does concern another one-shot. InediSpirou also indicates that the mysterious rediscovered Spirou adventure found by Christelle and Bertrand Pissavy-Yvernault in their research is a script from before the Franquin period, which narrows it down somewhat, and that it will indeed be illustrated by a modern artist.

And lastly for the one-shot updates, a BD Gest forum poster reports that in a conversation with Christian Durieux , Durieux said he was writing a Spirou one-shot and hoping to have it ready for the 80th anniversary in April according to Amazon, but The reason for omitting La Jeunesse de Spirou in the norwegian publication, could also be that it i the current norwegian album publication is regarded as volume 1 in a separate parallell series Den unge Sprint and is as such not regarded as part of the main series even though it originally was published as such in Norway as well.

I however agree with you when it comes to the publication of the other shorter stories. Luckily the difference between the norwegian and danish language as small at least in written form. I understand the confusion, since the titles are similar and the cover has Spirou as a kid, looking a lot like Le Petit Spirou, but they are not the same.

I believe the original Belgian edition followed the original publication in the Spirou magazine, and since La Jeunesse de Spirou consisted of several collected short stories, it was split up on two volumes, Maybe that has something to do with it. Thanks for the update. Jan Erik Lehn Kaya liked this on Facebook.

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