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We Will Rock You Lyrics

Countless past incidents are brought up with passion and yelling. When it comes to holiday gifts, we know what you really want, mama. A full night's sleep. Privacy in the bathroom. The opportunity to eat your dinner while it's still hot. Time to wash—and dry! A complete wardrobe refresh. While we can't help with everything on your list we're still trying to figure out how to get some extra zzz's ourselves , here are 14 gift ideas that'll make you look, if not feel, like a whole new woman.

Even when you're sleep deprived. When winter hits, one of our go-to outfits will be this tunic-length sweater and a pair of leggings. Warm and everyday-friendly, we can get behind that. These high-waisted straight-leg jeans have secret smoothing panels to hide any lumps and bumps because really, we've all got 'em.

Whether engraved with a child's name or date of birth, this personalized necklace will become your go-to piece of everyday jewelry. This wear-with-anything soft pink sweater with delicate eyelet details can be dressed up for work or dressed down for weekend time with the family.

Yes, My Kid Kicked Yours in the Face; I Won’t Make Her Apologize

Versatility for the win! For mamas who sleep warm, this PJ set offers the best of both worlds: cozy flannel and comfy shorts. Plus, it comes with a coordinating eye mask for a blissed-out slumber. You can't give the gift of relaxation, per say, but you can give a gift certificate for a massage or spa service, and that's close enough! This featherweight long-sleeve tee is the perfect layering piece under hoodies, cardigans, and blazers. Gone are the days of removing toasty gloves before accessing our touchscreen devices—thank goodness! Make multiple trips to the microwave a thing of the past with a app-controlled smart mug that'll keep your coffee or tea at the exact temperature you prefer for up to an hour.

Our new favorite flannel boasts an easy-to-wear drapey fit and a flattering curved shirttail hem. Stay warm while looking cool in this iconic jean jacket, featuring teddy bear-soft fleece lining and a trendy oversized fit. Practical and stylish, this cozy scarf adds a pop of color—well, colors —to any winter ensemble. This digital picture frame is perfect for mamas who stay up late scrolling through their phone's photo album to glimpse their kiddos being adorable.

By sending them to this smart frame to view throughout the day, you can get a few extra minutes of sleep at night! Busy mamas will appreciate that this supersoft, super versatile Merino wool sweater is machine washable. This article was sponsored by GAP. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Motherly and Mamas. It's a fact: Happiness on Christmas morning isn't measured by the number of presents under the tree, even with little ones in your home who might have a long wishlist.

Studies have found that giving your kid too many toys can result in the opposite of the desired effect—they can actually be less happy. Childhood development researcher, Clair Lerner, suggests that when kids are given an abundance of toys and games, they play less. Too many toys can be distracting and overwhelming to children , leading them to lose the e concentration needed to learn from those toys.

His research showed that fewer and better toys lead to increased sharing and cooperation, both valuable life skills. Moreso, too many toys encourage more solitary play, while causing a sense of unproductive overload. So what does that mean, mama? There's no need to stress about getting them everything on their wishlist.

  • year-old charged after kicked rock kills teen.
  • Handbook For Analyzing Bible Difficulties (Integrated Apologetics 12).
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is DROP-KICKED from behind in South Africa.

Spending time with your kids is far more valuable. In a study of 3, year-olds at Oxford University , it was found that children's academic success was more dependent on their home environment and parent's involvement than the toys or electronic devices they are given. Those who had fewer toys and no electronics, but had parents who spent more time with them, did better in school and in many areas of social and emotional development, suggesting that parents' attention is better than any toy or screen.

And if we need one more reason to cool it on the toy giving, researchers have discovered that gratitude and generosity increase when experiences are given instead of objects. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, conducted many studies over many decades and found that happiness is derived from experiences , not things. Bottom line: The happiness derived from a childhood experience is far more significant than the fleeting excitement of toys under the Christmas tree.

Giving experiences that involve spending time together instead of gifting toys brings greater and longer-lasting joy.

WATCH: Palestinian Child Kicked by Israeli Border Police in Hebron

Don't stress about the number of toys, mama. Focus on making memories. Since the dawn of Youtube , patient, creative types have been going viral with their time-lapse videos, showing us how much they or their dogs have changed by taking periodic videos or photos and editing them all together. But none have had the power to make us cry like Dutch artist Frans Hofmeester's videos of his year-old daughter, Lotte, and year-old son, Vince, whom he has filmed every week of their lives.

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Back in , Hofmeester went viral with "Time Lapse Lotte," which compiled the weekly videos he had shot of his daughter from a few days after she was born until she turned In all of the scenes, she's talking to the camera in front of a simple white backdrop, making it all the more obvious how much she changes and grows from week to week.

The video was so powerful, Sprint bought it to use in an American commercial that year. Portrait of Lotte, 0 to 20 years www. It turns out, it's still startling to see someone age from age 12 to age The latest "Portrait of Lotte" takes her into adulthood, and it already has 5. As we see her teenage emotions and style changes, it's like undergoing adolescence all over again. For some of us, it also feels like a glimpse into the future, when our kids are teens , too. The video loses none of its tenderness in the later clips. As viewers, just like as parents, we're constantly nostalgic for the previous second of footage.

Hofmeester has been filming his younger son Vince, as well. The teenage boy's video isn't quite as poignant as his sister's, maybe because of the difference in their on-camera personalities. Vince is a bit more of a ham, and the music that accompanies his footage is more upbeat. Her video is very sweet.

Vince's is more playful, he's pulling faces, sticking his tongue out, being this cute little boy who won't do what daddy says when he's in front of the camera. I love it. Immediately upon seeing both videos, some of us might regret not having done the same for our own kids. As the success of Lotte's latest video shows us, though, it's not too late to start.

It's easy to get overwhelmed figuring out what to get every special someone in your life a gift they truly love for the holidays. But don't worry, Pinterest has you covered on all fronts with their newly released Holiday Shopping report. In case you haven't checked out the beauty products trending on Pinterest yet, you should we all need some pampering after all. And in the long run, out of these early albums, this one has arguably aged the least well. It just seems a bit rushed, comprised of leftovers and hastily rewritten songs that are so poor when it comes to songwriting ideas that you really have to consider Angus' guitar picking the equivalent of a draught of ambrosia or something to enjoy the record.


The band is still seriously rooted in the blues then again, they would be rooted in the blues to the end of their careers, I guess , but this is where the Young brothers actually discover the loud, filthy, crunchy, poisonous-sounding guitar tones that eventually kicked them into absolute superstardom. Not all the tunes on here are great, but practically every single one of them sounds great, and most are serious improvements in the 'absurdist kick-ass' department: with one mighty turn of the wrench, the band tightens up all the screws and bolts the doors to 'Kick Ass Land' tight so that no one can even dream of following.

Or as recklessly? A pretty solid live record, and a great deal for the fans since it's the only one to have been released while Bon Scott was still alive although some of the Scott-era live material later resurfaced on the Bonfire boxset.

Kid kicks rock, doesn't understand inertia. WCGW : Whatcouldgowrong

What would be the difference, bar the ecstatic crowd noises? Heck, even the production looks similar: I have heard many people complaining that the sound is 'tinny' and the production flat-out sucks, but maybe I'm suffering from an acute ear damage or something, because I don't hear any significant differences as far as sound is concerned. Even the guitars, as usual, are placed in a different speaker each.

What I could believe are the rumours that the recording underwent serious tampering in the studio - but I don't have any documental proof on that one, so I'll pass. Who knows what you're into once you start throwing flimsy accusations in the direction of rock's wildest band. Yeah, yeah, I know - I wanted to sound original and try to find this peak in some earlier record, whatever, Let There Be Rock , Powerage , Dirty Deeds even, but no way.

And why I kicked a boy off a cliff

There's no denying that it wasn't until that the band really stepped up to their zenith, to a point where their pretentious, 'comic-evil' balloon became inflated to the max and their legacy impossible to ignore. Where do people start with an album like Back In Black?