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People who had a stroke were not included in this analysis after the stroke. Of the 5, participants, , or about 11 percent, developed atrial fibrillation during the study. The study found that people with atrial fibrillation were more likely to experience lower memory and thinking scores at earlier ages than people with no history of atrial fibrillation. For example, from age 80 to age 85 the average score on the point test went down by about 6 points for people without atrial fibrillation, but it went down by about 10 points for people with atrial fibrillation.


For participants ages 75 and older, the average rate of decline was about three to four points faster per five years of aging with atrial fibrillation compared to those without the condition. Not knowing what happens to them, is the Way of the Wild. She is in my heart forever. The others are Tulsi and Tilia, one of whom came to me last year when she was struggling to give birth. I helped her gain strength, and she, and her twins, went their own way back into the forest, as it should be. I grew herbs — all the herbs I had loved for years but only knew through purchased tinctures and teas, and even ten years later I walk the garden everyday and just say their names, a magical litany of everything in the world I find so beautiful….

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E vening primrose, Oenothera biennis, from whom I learned so much and came to cherish as such an ally. From this land I have taken nine sacred woods for Beltane, for incense, for runes and charms and wands and staves. From this land I have collected antlers, from a little spiker and a larger buck, left at the Gateway from my garden to the fields out back. I have sheltered an owl three days on my porch, right after the dog we nicknamed Minerva was laid to rest there.

And innumerable rowan crosses from the trees I planted after one of the departed friends gifted me with three. Solar crosses from the Virginia creeper… pot after pot of healing salve from the resinous buds of the trembling aspen and my beloved balsam poplars. Just two of so many; top pic is a red eyed vireo, I had actually rescued two of them and brought them around, released. The bottom is a female rose breasted grosbeak and man, was she feisty!

I learned to live alone, to carry much hurt, to manage my fierce and sometimes reactive nature, and how important my work is to me, how inseparable from my spiritual path. In this house, I grew into a more deeply authentic self than I would have believed possible. I am not remotely the person I was, when I moved here 12 years ago last March.

Melody of Heartbeat - Artem Uzunov - Drum Solo

We did take it to court, and we did receive a stay of execution, so to speak, and a minor indemnity for our losses not close to what we actually lost, but better than nothing. And on and on.

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We found an amazing house, so vastly superior to this one in terms of condition, there is no comparison. Clean, new, good floors and windows, no mold, HUGE my office will be three times the size of this little space and so on.

plants, spirit, medicine, from the magical Gatineau Hills

Yes, there are drawbacks and yes, we see it as a bolthole — but, a gorgeous bolthole and one where I can spend the next few years moving to the next level, publishing, completing work, learning. And to honour this passage, I had a very special thing made — a drum that carries the impressions of several leaves from my surrounding land, trees that were and are profoundly sacred to me. Right now I am simply filled with gratitude and a sense of balance, of the.. As I hold my drum and let the heartbeat of the land resound all through me, I know that in the years ahead, as time moves on, I can call the memories, the spirits of the land, and come back to the loves and losses and lessons that this very old house and this ancestral land bestowed upon me and brought me through.

When the new occupants raze my beloved trees to the ground to sell for firewood, and chemically blast the sacred herbs into oblivion, I will drum their spirits into a new reality, I will call them to the land to which I have been heading all my life.

Swift 5: Memory Management

My gratitude has no limits. She is our future as she was our past. With her drum in hand, playing her sacramental rhythms, women can once again take their place in the world as technicians of the sacred. In the pulse of my drum, in the beat of my heart, I erect an alter to her forever.

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I am so happy for you Cat, you deserve happiness and success, in all things. It seems to me the trials we go through are many but when we look back from where we are now it makes perfect sense. I am so very happy you found you new place. I have been praying that it would happen. Holding you in love and light, with Goddess.

I know you current place and Beings as well as your brother have helped as well. Thank you so much, Rose.

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You are so insightful, yes I know without a doubt the spirits of this place love and appreciate me and all I tried to do. Alex is at the new house as I write, cleaning and prepping and doing everything he can to ensure as seamless a passage as we can.

I do feel this is right,now.