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But there are a few books that I feel belong quintessentially to middle school kids, and I have categorized those as such. For picture books and board books, see also here and here. These are lists of books that I've read to Baby Bookworm. Anything that appears more than once is recommended ;-. A genuine chief in the Sac and Fox nation, Grant also had a small role in The Lone Ranger , another comedy Western starring a once-beloved movie star modeling purposefully over-the-top Native American garb.

Like The Lone Ranger , The Ridiculous 6 seems like a bizarre attempt to honor Native Americans while reducing actual Native Americans to the supporting-est of supporting roles. I do not.

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Danny Trejo just showed up as a bad guy. It starts to feel like a provocation. Are we supposed to feel rage? So, The Ridiculous 6 is a comedy Western, playing with the easily recognizable archetypes of the Western genre. But also, they share a consistent lack of sentimentality about their characters — even if their tones are sometimes wildly nostalgic or sermonizing and messianic.

This Is How Kourtney Kardashian Keeps Her Body Ridiculously Fit

Johnny Guitar. The Furies. Do we think Sandler knows about any of these movies? Does he just love Blazing Saddles? Maybe, we all love Blazing Saddles. The three half-brothers go out to a remote cabin, where they find a wild incoherent caveman-type swaddled in animal fur. This caveman-type manages to explain, via excessive noises and freakish body movements, that Frank Stockman had wild crazy sex with his mom, and he was the product.

Yes, he is another half-brother. Steve Buscemi appears. Now he looks a little wounded and broken. Things are looking up! At last, nearing the hour mark, these are the Ridiculous 6! Terry Crews just appeared onscreen, and things continue to look up. The camera tracks in close to Harvey Keitel. Would definitely watch a whole Western about a headless gunfighter played by Harvey Keitel. All six half-brothers have a long campfire bonding over how great their life will be when they meet their dad. They even sing, a talk-sing-y ditty that sounds a lot like the tracks Sandler used to compose for his comedy albums.

Just, for instance, to look at another Western defined by racial tension and a number in the title: the most fun central idea in The Hateful Eight is that everyone onscreen is pretending to be civil but seems to be precisely four seconds away from killing each other. The brutal joke being that in modern-day America, we are all just pretending to be civil and are maybe not too far away from killing each other.

I guess the lack of tension is its own joke in Ridiculous 6 , and Crews and Lautner, in particular, seem to be playing up the idea that the brothers are all fully sincere in their love for each other. The joke of the scene, see, is that Doubleday enlists the Ridiculous 6 to play baseball with him, but then Doubleday just invents all the wacky rules of baseball so that he can win. Why is this a trend? Jon Lovitz shows up as a super-rich guy, hosting a poker game with notable modern-day celebrities playing notable Western celebrities.

Who played Hurley on Lost! Wyatt Earp! The brothers find a giant rock shaped like a penis and two testicles, and they talk about how it looks like a penis and two testicles.

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God, to be in the room when someone suggested that joke, to hear the response, to be there for the meeting with the production design team! Is the plot important? Although Mr. Deeds does seem to contain some personal biography for Sandler: At the end of the movie, Deeds uses his money to buy things for his fellow townspeople, a reflection of the true-life fact that Sandler seems to personally employ everyone he has ever met. This all leads to a long shootout, which involves the return of the Eyepatch Gang and lots of close-ups on that young actor in the Eyepatch Gang.

Or a relative? The final showdown between White Knife and his nefarious father takes place in a dark tunnel. I guess this could become part of the joke of the movie; if she was taken captive just one more time, it would be the comedy rule of three. Maybe you make a whole movie about her called Damsel-In-Distress , except then would there be a role for Swardson in that movie? Credits roll, and there are three revelations.

First: That baby-faced actor in the eyepatch gang is named…. Terry Crews, 2. Luke Wilson, 3. Steve Buscemi, 4. Vanilla Ice. To wash the stink off, I look up Once Upon a Time in the West , one of the best movies ever made, which is actually on Netflix see, Netflix has some movies. Leone shoots long takes, and Henry Fonda died decades ago, but you can clearly see him breathing right there onscreen, in-out, in-out.

Have you watched Sergio Leone?

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You can laugh at his movies, or believe in them sincerely — they work both ways. He was a sensualist.

He loved tough men and gorgeous women and guns and horns. But he also loved the little things, was okay just setting his camera down and watching Henry Fonda breathe. I guess maybe you think even comparing Leone to Sandler is unfair, comedy is different. I dunno. But he is trying to prepare for the new age. He allies himself with a railroad company and agrees to do their dirty work, the idea being that this way, he will survive the end of the frontier.

I wonder if this is what Adam Sandler is doing, with Netflix. He used to make movies, like Leone.

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Now he makes content. Does he care? Does he miss theaters?

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Or is it all the same to him as long as everyone gets paid? Sandler is his polar opposite, a best pal from high school grown into a cool dude in a leather jacket. Or is it just a reflex now, to fit brands into his movies? But actually, The Do-Over sets off with admirably straightforward gusto. The idea is simple: Max is a cool dude, an FBI agent who has everything, and Charlie is a loser, married to a woman who openly cheats on him, still working the same job he worked in high school. Max invites Charlie to come down to Florida and hang out on his boat.

And again, so weird, having established that this boat is a Bud Light boat, Charlie seems to only drink Corona. Charlie and Max drive the boat around Florida, get drunk, smoke weed. They see a boat full of beautiful women, and Max demands that the women show their breasts.