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The bloom opens in three sections called sepals, revealing a cavity that stinks like feces, luring in dung beetles.

This cavity becomes a temporary trap, keeping the beetles inside long enough to enable pollination. The inside of the cavity is pinkish-orange, fleshy and covered in tiny downward-pointing hairs that prevent the beetles from climbing out. Eventually, the bloom opens enough so that the beetles can escape.

Woffia sometimes grow in colonies that form a dense-looking mat on sheltered waters. The only way to identify the exact species of a wolffia flower is to view it under a microscope. It has no leaves, stem or roots, floating freely in quiet freshwater lakes and marshes. Woffia is highly nutritious, serving as food for fish and waterfowl in nature and occasionally cultivated for use as livestock feed or even human cuisine.

Stunningly beautiful, magnificently strange, the black bat flower — Tacca chantrieri — is definitely one-of-a-kind. This tropical flower can be found in Africa, Madagascar and northeast South America. This perennial herbaceous plant, native to Europe, North Africa and Western Asia, has been used for centuries as a medicine, cosmetic, poison and hallucinogen. Designed for seed to harvest, majority of intensity focused on bloom spectrum. Like the HX Watt Super HPS Spectrum Grow Bulb, this bulb also contains less mercury than other grow lights and features a wide spectrum of colors to help promote more vigorous plant growth.

Model NO. The light is cool and safe to use — you can touch with your bare hands even after 24 hours of use meaning that your plants are safe from burning risks. In general, you would want to hit a 4 x 4 area with one watt LED grow light and a 3 x 3 area with one watt LED grow light. Easy to suspend, and a fairly lightweight system the Bloomspect watt LED grow light is a great starter light. We use the highest quality diodes, circuit boards, power supplies, fans, and casings.

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Free same day shipping on most orders. HID provides the most lumens per dollar, which means the most yields for your investment. It has 5-watt diodes for maximum canopy penetration and one unit covers a 2' x 3' area. Although this LED grow light outputs watts of power, it only consumes watts, saving you money on your electricity. The light features a modular build capability which means that units can be connected to other units to create a larger light fixture. These 10 LED grow lights for cannabis are excellent when it comes to growing marijuana indoors at home.

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Free Shipping, up to 90 Returns on Select Products. It tends to produce a higher rate of lumens per watt than all the smaller ones, nearly as much as a watt would but with a lower heat output and power use. When you need to illuminate a larger area of growing crops, you need to upgrade from a watt lighting system to a watt lighting system. Review by Mason I'm very pleased with this led grow light. This makes them ideal for hanging indoors, especially when cultivating cannabis inside a grow tent. Not everyone needs a watt grow panel! Before we jump to the LED grow lights reviews take a look at the specs you need to know when buying.

Posted A watt light bulb is much brighter than a 60 watt light bulb and two different brands of watt incandescent bulbs have about the same brightness, because they use mostly the same technology. This cheap full spectrum Led grow light will give a Par at 18 degrees, which is the highest you can get in any watt LED grow light. Enjoy all the performance of HPS or metal halide lights without the expensive utility bill. Featuring massive, multi-watt LEDs and broad spectrum coverage for a 25 sq ft garden, plants grown under the GrowPro produce lush leaves with big buds, fruits and flowers.

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Flowering coverage: up to cm x cm 4ft x 4ft We have made everything simple for you by compiling a list of the best W LED grow lights in the market today. On to the Viparspectra Review. Best Watt LED Grow Lights June 26, May 17, by Tegrity Trying to find the best grow lights W for your grow room can be a tedious task and the amount of information you have to think about will make your head spin. And, by the look and feel as well as by form factor this grow light looks pretty much impressive.

The manufacturer claims that their grow lights are results of 8 years of research and experiments. High balanced output between nm and nm drives strong vegetative growth through flower. The dimensions are Traditionally, watt LED grow light, in a vertical mount, could effectively cover as large as 8 x 8 growing area.

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The GrowPro is a plug and play grow light. If you are a beginner, then you might want to check our post out! We have brought the best watts LED grow light reviews for you. First of all, this brand was the best in and and there are plenty awards dating from And they are also priced far below equivalent lights from competitors quality competitors, not the cheap junk.

Camping is included in your ticket price. Cool, hey?

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Guest Farm: There are 50 beds available on the farm. All accommodation on the guest farm is booked through the venue itself:. Glamping: There are 10 glamping tents available at R per person. Glamping includes:. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Shopping cart close. This will be our 12th year running. Yes, 12 epic years of frolicking in the flowers.

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Not to be missed! Saturday Early registration opens Registration closes The morning offers 3 trail runs available for adventurous runners Challenging 20km for experienced runners only Scenic 9km trail A family fun 4km route Workshops Beekeeping, traditional dancing Nature walk with Jacques Open mic Bands start DJ Silent disco by Secret Sunrise.

What else? This includes: A tent provided for you and set up prior to your arrival The area is up in a private spot above the rest of the camping areas A kitchenette area with stove and kettle provided Includes a run of your choice Goodie bag on arrival All the weekend activities. Directions Namaqualand Flower Fest. Once in the town take the R27 towards Niewoudville. At the Hotel in Vanrhynsdorp take a right onto the Troe Troe pad.

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Follow this road towards the Gifberg tabletop mountain south-east of Vanrhynsdorp. Follow for 7km and continue straight over a 4-way crossing.

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Continue up the mountain pass for approx. Once on top look for signs saying JF Huisamen and Gifberg holiday farm to the venue. From Vanrynsdorp there will be event signs to look out for.