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The danger of nuclear weapons comes from potential accidents or acquisition by terrorists, hackers, or rogue countries. But the gravest danger comes from the mistaken idea that there exists some case compatible with legitimate governance. There can be no such case. Thermonuclear Monarchy shows the deformation of governance that occurs when a country gains nuclear weapons. In bold and lucid prose, Thermonuclear Monarchy identifies the tools that will enable us to eliminate nuclear weapons and bring the decision for war back into the hands of Congress and the people.

Only by doing so can we secure the safety of home populations, foreign populations, and the earth itself.

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Matthew Kroenig Lecture: "Morality of American Power & Nuclear Weapons"

Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Usually ships within 6 days. Overview From one of our leading social thinkers, a compelling case for the elimination of nuclear weapons. During his impeachment proceedings, Richard Nixon boasted, "I can go into my office and pick up the telephone and in twenty-five minutes seventy million people will be dead.

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Write a Review. Related Searches. Three generations of writers celebrate a master whose life and work continue to reverberate in Three generations of writers celebrate a master whose life and work continue to reverberate in contemporary letters. William Maxwell, who died in July , was revered as one of the twentieth century's great American writers and a longtime fiction editor at View Product. Offers play therapists practical ways of handling a pervasive issue with intense and aggressive play In the wake of the bodily and institutional devastation wrought by the Vietnam War, some were skeptical about whether the War Powers Resolution would be sufficient to re-balance power without federal court support Keynes ; Koh ; Ely Scarry does not explain why courts would choose to take up cases on nuclear weapons when they have spent decades developing strategies to avoid direct war powers questions as advocated by Bickel and Choper As recently as , a federal district court dismissed a lawsuit against President G.

After a scathing examination of inter-branch power imbalance, Elaine Scarry still places a lot of faith in constitutions generally, and the US Constitution specifically, to seek peace over war.

Nuclear Weapons or Democracy

But if her main criticism of institutional developments on nuclear weapons is convincing, it seems a remote hope that popular apathy, congressional abdication, and court disinterest will all reverse to force the executive branch into a more modest institutional posture.

Ironically, the current poisonous political environment has given the president even more cover to push unilateral executive action on domestic and foreign policy, including nuclear weapons reductions. In a speech in Prague early in his presidency, and more recently in a State of the Union Address White House and , Obama did not say that his hands were tied by Congress on this issue. Nor have executive branch officials pledged to the Senate that they will go through formal treaty processes when negotiating with Russia on nuclear reductions Woolf Excessive aggressiveness and delegation both undermine this carefully designed web of institutional virtues that aim to balance deliberation with energy, and majority rule with minority viewpoints Tulis Even the most sympathetic readers will sigh at this oddly hopeful ending.

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Elaine Scarry: Thermonuclear Monarchy– Choosing Between Democracy and Doom

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